khensani mohlatlole

A cartoon character? A poor Nicki Minaj cosplay? A Xerox of a Xerox?

Khensani Mohlatlole is, at the moment, a writer, beauty school dropout and aspiring cat lady. She’s been blogging about fashion and style since she was 15, doing her best Tavi Gevinson impression in her dad’s backyard. She had a brief flop era as a fashion design student and designer before realising that clothes are hard and now she’s devoting her free time to learning everything about historical fashion and design, with a desire to learn about precolonial African fashion, as well as crocheting booties for her kittens. She’s a tree hugger and 2000s pop culture enthusiast.

You’ll find her writing about trends, sustainability and shopping when thrifting has ruined your perception of the cost of clothes. You can also probably catch her on YouTube, making video essays about South African fashion, sewing and current popular culture.

If you like to watch people obsessed over benign hobbies or yell at journalists who don’t think Princess Diana’s wedding dress was a cultural reset, then you’re in for a fun ride. Khensani is available as a writer (you can check out her work here), reviewer, stylist and person you can talk at length about your own weird hobbies and interests. Consider hiring her, she’s bad with money and has two hungry kittens to support.

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